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Professional Bio

Soumyadip Saha is the co-founder of TS Web Technologies (P) Ltd . On the other hand, he is the acting CEO of this Online Marketing Agency where he has to supervise all portions of SEO, Viral Marketing, and Internet Marketing including Social Media, Branding and Rep. Management Solutions.


Soumyadip is efficient in Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, Pay per Click Management and Website Design as well as in all aspects of SEO.


Since 2005, Soumyadip is serving to the technological industry and internet marketing. While he was in Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, studying B.Tech, he got experienced in marketing, Sales and various parts of Internet Marketing Business and effectively became the general manager of that business.


In 2005, Soumyadip started his journey in search marketing and slowly but steadily he fixed his position on the SEO industry from 2006, when he moved on to SEO. He helped in several projects of the SEO industry. As he is expertise in Internet marketing including Social Media, Viral Marketing, Branding and Rep. Management Solutions, he managed a heap of projects full of difficulty with his proficiency and sincerity.



Personal Bio

Soumyadip was born on November 13th of 1985 in Kolkata. After completing his 12th standard from Madhyamgram High School, he entered Guru Nanak Institute of Technology for B.Tech Engineering course. Technology had brought a huge change in him. After the completion of his B.Tech, he enrolled in a top SEO organization. This was probably the biggest turning point for him in life.


Soumyadip is beyond any doubt a hard working SEO consultant reputed for his genius and dedication to each project. In nutshell he serves to his work patiently and sincerity as his aspiration is to help people as per his competence. What he has achieved today is the resultant of his tough labor and concentration and devotion. He did not start networking just to get a piece of the pie. He started by working hard and learning everything he could about technology, sales and marketing. He has struggled to survive at points and after the period of long effort he got success.



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