Avoid using automated software to get valid back links

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The main concern of the internet marketers is to manage the time while doing boring online works for promoting any business site. Because of this reason, they might feel interested on the automated software, which will make their work easier and decrease the burden to some extent if they can make a proper use of the automated software. However, in case of creating back links for your website, you might find it impossible to do that with the help of automated software.


If you are investing your money or your link building process to any link builder, then it is assured that you would like to know the method they are following to create the links or to make it accepted. It is for sure that you will not want the link builders to build your links using automated software. If the generated links are created manually, then only they can get popularity. Therefore, it is most important to create the links manually and not by using any automated software. You can go through the reasons about why you should not use automated software for creating back links.


1. The automated software is actually used to consign back links to different places swiftly. However, by this process, the quality of the links decreases. Because, following the Google guidelines, by this method most of the links are being placed in some bad neighborhood. If the links are being created manually, then the quality is maintained as the links are placed from some good sources. It is important for your website to create back links, which will be natural, so you should put only manually built back links for your site.


2. The links created by automated software is a time saving procedure, but most of the times they seem to be unnatural. By creating an unnatural link, the link can be spammed easily and can be deleted. Because of this reason you must use only manually created links for your website and not any automated software to build links. Though it takes some more time to build manual links, but it will be natural, which will be beneficial for your website.


3. In case you do not have time to create back links for your website and you need to purchase them and hire someone to place them for you, then you should be careful that they should put manually in order to avoid any tainted circumstances. If the people you hire to place your links somehow use any software to put the links, then the links will be treated sternly by Google. The automated software will definitely do the job faster than you can do that manually, but later on, you have to face troubles regarding this matter unavoidably. Google can sandbox your website as well.


4. You should monitor the places where your links are being left by the person you hired to place your back links. You must be conscious about the fact always that your links need to look natural anyhow, which is possible only when you do the job manually and not with the help of any automated software. If you use automated software, then you will not be able to find out where the back links are actually being indexed. Then the package you have bought for your link building will remain in vein.
5. It is difficult for any back link to remain in a particular place where it has been placed, if the job is done by automated software. By the way the link can be got spammed and even your website can be blacklisted as well.



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