About Me


Professional Bio

Soumyadip Saha is presently the CEO of TS Web Technologies (P) Ltd where he is the authority if all the sectors in SEO, Internet Marketing including Social Media, Viral Marketing, Branding and Rep. Management Solutions. On the other hand, Soumyadip is the co-founder of this Online Marketing Agency.

Soumyadip is expertise in Search Engine Optimization as he is working in this industry for a long time. He also specializes in Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Viral Marketing.

He is in the trade of technology since 2005 and is experienced enough to deliver the required output in terms of technology, internet and sales or marketing. He has gathered a lot of experience during these years while he was studying in Guru Nanak Institute of Technology from where he got a B.Tech degree.

He started his career in search marketing since 2005 managing pay per click campaigns using overture and Google Ad sense and switched to SEO in the year 2006 where he picked up several projects into a great success. He has proved his expertise in bulk projects as well as individual projects regarding SEO and Internet Marketing including Social Media, Viral Marketing, and Branding and Rep. Management Solutions and satisfied the customers by delivering the exact end result.



Personal Bio

Soumyadip was born on 13th Nov, 1985 in Kolkata. He completed higher secondary from Madhyamgram High School and got admitted to Guru Nanak Institute of Technology to acquire B.Tech degree. The technological environment brought a big change in him and he decided to enter the SEO industry. Keeping in mind his target to become successful SEO personnel, he entered a leading SEO farm that made his career definitely a better one.

Most people that know him treat him as an affable guy always willing to help everyone out. He is genuine and sincere person. He has continued with the motto that "if you help someone out, you will receive the same in return somehow." He feels like the world balances itself out like that.

He never asked anyone for some favor when he entered into the industry. Only by hard working and efficiency, he achieved the apex of success.